Purcellville Cares and Hope Event July 31st, 2021

At BetterALife Inc. It is our mission to leave no child hungry in the USA.  With that we are setting up this event on July 31st 2021 that we need your help with! 

We are looking for Local Churches, Businesses, Community Services and more to help partner with us to bring a day of hope to Purcellville.  

These families are in need of a quick eye exam, a free hotdog for lunch, a real family picture for their home. 

Parents are in need of jobs, help writing a resume and speaking for an interview. 

Most importantly these children are in need of new school items; backpacks, shoes, haircuts, clothes.  Its not easy going to school with nothing and feeling embarrassed.  Partner with us to make this the best year ever for these families. 

We ask that any volunteer under the age of 18 have their parent sign a form allowing them to help.

For your safety any volunteers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent the entire time.