Lets take a look at the impact your donations and time made in 2021

BetterALife Went Door-to-Door all year feeding the local children and families

Here are some great highlights of our door-to-door giving as well as our events such as Purcellville Cares and Hopes to provide school book bags and supplies to families while feeding everyone, Thanksgiving Meals and our Christmas Toy drive and Meals.   BetterALife was able to take a trip to KY this year to help the children impacted by the Tornado to have Christmas Toys thanks to your donations and support.  

With your Donations and Support we were able to:

  • Feed hundreds Children and families all year long without stopping.  

  • We were able to support 7 local Loudoun County Schools when they reached out for supplies or Gift Cards for food for their families in need and even eye glasses

  • We were able to supply new coats to the children without

  • We were able to help the homeless each that still are on the street in Loudoun County

  • We were able to help the teens who are to shy to ask publicly for help to get new shoes, clothes, food and blankets

  • We provided Thanksgiving meals to every family we serve plus some

  • We Provided Christmas meals to every family we serve

  • Give every child a toy and have entire families sponsored for Christmas to take the burden off of them

  • We were able to Drive all the way to KY to help bring Christmas to the children that lost it all in the Tornado

  • We were able to help a refugee family get much needed clothes and supplies who came over to Loudoun County with only one outfit each, and what they could carry on their back with two little children. 


What We Did

Thanksgiving Meal Box.jpeg

ThanksGiving Meal Box Being Packed

New BookBags.heic

Providing Hope and New Bookbags for School full of much needed supplies


Going Door to Door to make sure no child is hungry or missed.


Making Sure Each Child has a New Toy and Christmas Dinner

Donate monthly or give a one time gift today to help us keep feeding and helping the children.