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The Full Story

About the Founder, Elizabeth M. Ford

Elizabeth started BetterALife as she, too, was a child of hunger. Her journey of hunger started at age 7. She grew up in Reston, VA, with a single mom. Elizabeth knows well what it is like to come home to an empty pantry and a mom still working all hours of the night. She would go to the local 7-11 during the day and ask for quarters in order to purchase a meal as she didn't have lunch money to eat at school. Eventually, after acting out from frustrations of lacking clothing, food stability, and being kicked out of her mother's home time and time again, Elizabeth dropped out of high school after the 9th grade at 16 so she could go to work full-time. From there, Elizabeth lived on her own with roommates and struggled to work her way into an office.  She eventually got her GED at 17, then her BS Degree in IT via online night classes later in life.   



BetterALife's mission is to feed anyone who says "I am hungry", and to disrupt generational patterns by providing children and families with food, educational assistance, and life-skill services.  We show individuals the educational and job-related opportunities they can, and are capable of pursuing, and inspire hope for a bright future ahead. Every child should know they are loved, cared for, and not forgotten.


We believe that by providing food, educational assistance, and life-skill services, we can help break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for individuals and families in need. Through our programs, we not only provide individuals with the resources they need to succeed but also inspire hope and empower them to pursue their dreams.


Our vision is to change lives one meal at a time. 

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