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When COVID-19 hit we did a full stop and switched gears!! Our focus had to change from going to the schools and paying off lunch accounts as the schools were now closed.  We then began going door to door in low-income/communities in need.  This has been a huge success and we only plan to grow in it now and keep going!   We still were able to go to the schools and provide extra meals for families to pick up outside and provide gift cards to help them fill their homes with food.


So far we have fed over 4000 meals from paying off past due lunch accounts to putting positive balances on the Child's account, and then going door to door.  Each month we are feeding an entire community.  We are all volunteers.  Including the President and Founder of BetterALife, Elizabeth Ford.  She works her full-time job and does this out of time, and does not take a paycheck.  "Our purpose is to feed anyone who says they are hungry," Says BetterALife's President, Elizabeth Ford  

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