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sponsor A LIFE

Help a child right here in the USA eat all year.  Not all kids get free lunches.  So many children's parents make just that $1 over the limit and cannot get help.  These kids lunch accounts remain past due all year, thus not allowing them to have lunch or breakfast at school.  Have you ever tried to study, or prepare for a meeting on an empty stomach?  Its downright distracting. 

When you go to school hungry you don't think about your school work, just the empty feel of your stomach.  Help a kid eat and watch them achieve their full potential. 

A school lunch costs an average of $3.10 per day.

In 2016 we had just begun and, had 38 children that have had past due lunch accounts paid for right away from just one school the first month, and were able to add a positive balance to their accounts thanks to your help! 

In 2020, we are supporting 3 schools elementary schools and with your help we will add another one this year if not two more.   You have helped us feed hundreds of children now.  Lets keep giving them full belly's each day one meal at a time.  We have been able to feed over 4000 lunches so far!

With COVID-19 We have now been able to go to local communities and feed children!  Please join us in feeding them today.

We also have had 10 children so far in the sponsorship program being full time supported.

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