Our Mission at BetterALife Inc.:  To leave no local child hungry.  We believe a child will study more and have more opportunity for success if they start their day with a full belly versus thinking about if they will have a next meal. 

Children everyday in the USA go without a meal or more.  It is not a child's fault they are born into poverty and are hungry.  You can help them to truly eat versus day dreaming of having a meal starting right here in Virginia.

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School Principal In Sterling VA

"Elizabeth reached out to me in January of 2017...out of the blue, a blessing to our community!  Without knowing our students and families, she offered to pay off lunch debts.  This continued over the course of many years; it almost seemed like Elizabeth had a sense as to when we were most in need."

School Principal, Leesburg VA

"I just wanted to send a communication thanking you for the check that was dated 10/22/2019.  We appreciate your support"

School Principal, Sterling Va

"Ms. Ford, Thank you for another generous donation for our students!  You bless us so immensely! I really appreciate you."