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feeding local children and families

Thanks to your donations and support we were able to:

  • 1. Food Distribution:

  •    - We have provided a total of 32,942 lbs of food to the children and families we serve.

  •    - Two new schools have been added to our program, bringing the total number of local schools we support to 12 since our establishment in 2016.

  •    - The average amount of food distributed to a family per visit was 51.4 lbs.​


  • 2. Increase in Clients:

  •    - We have seen an increase of 445 new families in need of food assistance this year, who have come to our pantry for help.


  • 3. Lunch Bags for Children:

  •    - Each week, we provide a minimum of 50 lunch bags for children to collect at our new distribution site in Reston, VA.

  •    - We also provide additional support to schools that reach out to us during the week for their students.


  • 4. Additional Needs:

  •    - We have received numerous requests from school counselors for items such as new shoes, blankets, diapers, and emergency food for children and their families.

  •    - The need for assistance has been greater this year due to cuts in food stamps, evictions in western Loudoun County, and inflation costs.


  • 5. Homework Help and Tutoring:

  •    - In our Loudoun pantry, we have around 30 children coming in each week for homework help and tutoring.

  •    - We provide assistance with reading, math, and other subjects, and try to make learning fun through games and activities along side of the Purcellville Police Department.

  •    - Each child receives a hot meal and has access to additional food if needed.


  • 6. Cooking Classes:

  •    - The cooking classes have been a great success, teaching children valuable skills and building their confidence.


  • 7. Summer Club:

  •    - During the summer, we organized our first summer club called "Science with Sarah."

  •    - A Harvard freshman named Sarah taught the children a new science project each week, accompanied by a hot meal.

  •    - The children learned the "why" and "how" behind each project, fostering their curiosity and knowledge.

  • 8. Our New Distribution Site:

  •    - In Partnership with Fairfax County and Reston Va, we now have a new food distribution site in Reston at the Cathy Hudgins Community Center.  We look forward to starting our programs during the 2024 year there as well.

Lets take a look at the impact your donations and time made in 2023

What We Did

What we did


ThanksGiving Meal Box Being Packed


Providing Hope and New Bookbags for School full of much needed supplies


Teaching much needed life skills


Making Sure Each Child received a New Toy, winter coat and Christmas Dinner

Donate monthly or give a one time gift today to help us keep feeding and helping the children.


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