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Our Mission: to feed local hungry children right here.

Every day, a child is born into poverty.  It is not the child's fault.  The child will skip a meal or more per day.  This child's main source of food will come from free or reduced lunches at school. 

But what happens when school ends? Do they sleep without dinner? 

I founded this program after learning one day from an amazing person - about two boys in my local county.  The school employee felt she heard some kids sneaking into the lunch room after school hours - assuming they were up to no good, she went in to find out.  She learned they had been going in daily to pull out leftover food from the trash to bring home for dinner that evening. 

This happens in different ways every day.  Children steal, not because they are bad, but because they are born without and are hungry.  They don't have anyone to help them learn. There is another way.  They lose hope early on.

We have an opportunity to feed them and help them not lose hope.  Help them not think about food in school so they can focus on their school work instead.  Help them become strong Americans versus searchers feeling left out.

We have the opportunity to help them.


We are providing in Loudoun County, Fairfax County / Reston, Charlestown, WV.

Together, we can.  Donate today and help a child study instead of going hungry.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Our Organization shall adhere to a nondiscrimination policy in accordance with applicable state and federal law.  We have No-Tolerance for discrimination in any way, shape or form. 

Packing Meal Bags for children
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