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Thank you for helping us feed a local child in need!

We are incredibly proud to be 100% Volunteer Operated since 2016. 

Your financial giving goes to the following programs:

Growth4ALife - This provides funding to keep our food pantry open, food on the shelves, and funding so we can deliver for those who are disabled or unable to gain transportation to our food pantry. 

This program also:

Provides monthly door-to-door giving in Purcellville, VA, to ensure no child is missed. 

Provides new book bags and school supplies each summer before school starts 

Provides Thanksgiving and Christmas meals

Provides a child with a new toy for Christmas. 

InspireALife - This provides weekly hot meals at our pantry for children to eat while getting tutor help with their homework. We provide this every Tuesday school is in session in partnership with our local Purcellville Police Department. During this program, we offer resume help to families and college / FASFA help to children seeking college. 

Cook4ALife - This program provides a cooking class once per month with a fabulous chef who teaches the children how to safely prepare meals from the food right at the food pantry. So they can eat healthily and learn new essential life skills. 

All your giving goes to set the children up for success and provides encouragement and healthy food to stabilize what would otherwise be a stressful life. It helps a child study when their stomach doesn't hurt, encourages a child when they don't understand, and keeps a child warm with a new winter coat, so they don't have to go to school cold. 

If you want to donate to a specific program, just let us know, and we will take care of the rest.

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